Sage- keep busy after retirement

We are a social group of mostly retired folks who enjoy fellowship outside the church setting.

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month for a potluck and a program.


SAGE is the group at King of Glory that tries to meet some of the needs of our Older
Adults as they continue learning and serving in the ways Jesus taught us. It often seems
that we just enjoy being together and sharing this unique time of our life. Most or all of
our members are retired, but we would welcome anyone who would like to feel young
by hanging out with some of us older folk. We usually meet at Noon on the second
Wednesday of the month. A great pot luck lunch is generally followed by an interesting
program. Examples of programs enjoyed in the Fellowship Hall are; a talk and slide
show on Orchids by Dick Zeman, a slide show and talk by Tyr Peterson about his climb
up Mt. Kilimanjaro and his Safari in Africa and a slide show called Urban Landscapes.
We also had our Fourth of July Picnic at the Edstrom’s and had a Christmas Carol Sing
in the Parish Hall. Three Field Trips were grand adventures; first to a “Washing Machine
Museum, then to see a travelogue called “Around the World” and another to Arvada
West High School for “A Wonderful Irish World” with the Denver Mountain Aires
Barbershop Chorus.

Submitted by Jerry Smith