It’s Do-Or-Die Time

It’s Do-Or-Die Time


Playoff baseball is here!!  While I wince that my team will be heading to the couch after the last day of the season, the playoffs are magical even if my boys aren’t there.  Every team fought to get there.  Every team is hungry and has their eye on the prize.  It’s do-or-die time!


I like to watch the long-time players who are in their first playoffs. “This is our chance,” they exude.  “The time is now.”  They are excited and recognize the uniqueness of this moment.  Some dreams take a long time to come true.  These “playoff rookies” are committed to making this chance count.  They see, savor, and they’re ready to       sacrifice.


I like to watch the veteran players who have been to the playoffs but walked away empty handed.  They have a full head of steam.  Some are angry, but most are motivated because they’ve had a taste.  They are committed that whatever went wrong last time won’t go wrong this time.  This time, they will hold nothing back.  Ask them.


I like to watch the guys who have won it all before.  Between me and Buster    Posey, we have three World Series Championship rings.  Boy, does it feel great!  The guys who have before poured champagne over their heads on the last day of the season are never satisfied with the one they have.  Their eyes burn with the knowledge that it can be done, and they jump to play their part.


I like to watch the rookies, too.  Doe-eyed and unaware that every season doesn’t go like this.  This might be their only chance, but they’re too in awe to even think that way.  The rookies who believe they deserve to be there because, hey…we’re that good, inspire the tired, the banged-up, and the doubtful.


Every team that made it to the playoffs this year has all those kinds of players.  Every team needs all those kinds of players.  A team full of rookies would be out in the first round, as would a team full of old-timers.  Together, though, each of these players supports the others, inspires the others, believes in the others.  A championship team needs different kinds of people stepping up when it’s do-or-die.


Our congregation needs different kinds of people playing different kinds of roles.  We need veterans who see that now is the time.  We need rookies who believe in us.  We need people who know what being a part of a successful team feels like, and inspire us all to join in.


God is doing amazing things here at King of Glory, and you are an essential part of God’s work.  To make it through the coming months and years, though, we have some needs to address.


           More than 35% of people who call KOG home have no recorded giving.  Some put cash in the plate, but still we fall $1300 short each week.  The congregation has     depleted our savings, and soon we may have to let staff go because we cannot pay them. We have trimmed everywhere else.


We are in need of committed volunteers to help us enact a new year-round      stewardship program aimed at moving us away from weekly desperation and toward a congregation which celebrates abundance.  The wheel need not be reinvented, and the synod and the ELCA have programs for us to use to right our financial ship.  We cannot do it without a handful of committed volunteers.


God has blessed you to be a blessing.  God has a role for you to play in blessing our world.  God has given you gifts and scars, experience and insight that King of Glory needs right now.  It’s do-or-die time at King of Glory.  I believe we have the team we need if we pull together to be a part of something bigger than       ourselves…if we respond in faith to the challenge we face.


Anything can happen in playoff baseball.  No outcomes are guaranteed.         Wildcard teams who skate into the playoffs have won many titles.  No outcomes are guaranteed at KOG either, and we have the potential to become what God envisions:  vibrant, engaging, thriving.  Things may go the other way, too, unless we pull together as a team to be a part of something larger than ourselves:  God’s Work, Our Hands.


Won’t you be a part of something bigger and join God’s work in this place?  You are uniquely essential.  God is doing great things, but it will take us all stepping up to the challenges we face.


We belong here.

We know it’s possible.

This time we’ll hold nothing back.

This is our chance.

The time is now.



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