Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday school at King of Glory!

We offer Sunday school for children from Pre-K (3&4 year olds) through 5th Grade.

Our Sunday school program goes from the Sunday after Labor Day in September through the second Sunday in May.

Sunday school begins at 10:30AM and ends at 11:30AM

The program that we use at King of Glory is based from a “Rotation” Schedule.

“Rotation” in the Center rotation model, refers to how we move students each week to a new creative Center for their specific grade and class. All Centers focus on the same story for a 4 week “rotation.” Repeating the story through different teaching media creates a sense of anticipation and improves Bible literacy. Teachers stay in specific Centers each week with their students and a Center Leader who is another adult teaches the specific Center. Centers give the students more time to be creative through Cooking Center, Arts/Crafts Center, Game Center and Library Center. The Sunday school children also have a Hand Bell class that they attend on the first and third Sunday.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our Youth/Family Ministry – Glenda Ferraro at 303.421.9930 or you can email her at



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