Holy Week

Early Christians called it “the Great and Holy Week.” Already by the year 250 C.E. Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria tells us that his church was keeping a six-day fast before Easter. A Spanish nun named Egeria recounts her pilgrimage to … Continue reading

On A Mission

My father-in-law is a “man on a mission.” Sent by my mother-in-law and equipped with lists, he goes to multiple grocery stores multiple times a week getting the best deals and freshest items. He cannot be stopped. Some of us might find this large-scale effort too … Continue reading

Pastors Page

In grade school when they taught about dental hygiene they gave us little red chewable tablets to take home. We were to brush our teeth and then chew the tablet. The red dye would only stick toplaque and tarter left behind afterbrushing. I went … Continue reading