20 Questions

20 Questions:  Evolving a Purposeful and Practical Faith

Beginning after worship on September 16th, we will embark on a year-long exploration of the most pertinent places where world-views collide, childhood-faith remains inadequate, and our earnest desire for faith is disappointed.  In my 20 years of professional ministry, from jail inmates to suburban families, the hard questions haven’t changed.  We’ll ask this “Greatest Hits” of questions, and look at a broad variety of answers, traditional, post-modern, and personal.

20 Questions will meet both after worship on Sundays from 10:20 to 11:30 and on Wednesday evenings, from 7:15 to 8:30.  While each week both sessions will be on the same topic, you are encouraged to attend both for a fuller discussion.  Pastor Todd strongly recommends embracing the year-long nature of this exploration because we will expand on ideas as we progress.  Theology can be probing, and it helps to build concepts and vocabulary over time.

Everyone is welcome!  No experience with theology or the Bible necessary.  This is an experience-based exploration of the questions we have and the answers we may need, and exercise in evolving a purposeful and practical faith.


What if I don’t really believe what we say at church?

If God is good, why do people suffer so much?

How is God at work in the world?

Is there any point in praying?

Who is Jesus really?

What is Sin really?  (Lab included!)

Does everything I say and do count?

If I act on my beliefs, and I believe what I’m told, do I have a choice?

Why do I have to believe something?

What is the Holy Spirit?

What spiritual gifts could I possibly have?

What happens to my non-Christian friends and family?

How did the Bible get put together?

Why should anyone bother with the broken institution of the church?

There are still heresies alive in the church.  Who me?

How should I understand creation in light of accepted science?

Are science and religion opposites?

What’s with “will never die” when people die?

What happens after we die?

What am I supposed to do now?


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