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10001 w 58th Av. Arvada 80002


We worship every Sunday at 9am

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Listen to Pastor Todd Payne:

King of Glory welcomes everyone!
No matter who you are or who you’ve been
No matter who you love or what you have
No matter what you believe or where you are on your journey of life
Here we announce Forgiveness and Hope!
Here we offer Healing and Purpose!
Here we share our Struggles and Joys!
Here we celebrate The Transforming Power of God!
The Spirit of Love gathers us together and unites us:
We are Loved and Invited to Love.
We give from what God gave us,
using our Talents and our Scars for God’s work.
 We are the Hands and Voice and Face of God
to one another and to the World.


Join us in discovering how God is at work among us, and in you!
You are already a part of this church, no matter who you are!

Pastor Todd

Hebrew Scriptures/Christian Old Testament: Origins and Authors

              Adult Bible Study for 2018-2019 will focus on the Christian Old Testament.  From the stories you know to the stories you don’t, enjoy discovering the larger world the Israelites inhabited and out of which these Holy Scriptures were born.  Covering more than 1200 years, and written over a period of almost 700, this amazing collection of 39 books reveals the experiences of an astonishingly human cast of characters.  Their stories and their thought has shaped civilization, the way we think about God, and the way we understand ourselves for thousands of years, even for the most secular.

Join Pastor Todd and the video lectures of Professor Amy-Jill Levine from Vanderbilt University Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:00 and Thursday mornings from 10:00-11:30 beginning September 19 and 20 for this 24-lecture series.  Each week both sessions are the same lecture, so come to one or both!  No previous knowledge or experience with the Bible necessary.






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